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Neck Pain

What is neck pain?
Neck pain is a common condition which can be found in people of all ages and is usually caused by the way that we use our necks. Modern lifestyles mean that people often spend hours sitting at a desk or computer or driving for long periods of time, which can have a detrimental effect on your neck muscles. Poor posture, stress and tiredness can also contribute to causing tight muscles in the neck and upper back. This in turn encourages the joints to become stiff.

Osteoarthritis is also a common cause of pain in the neck and shoulders and can cause stiffness when moving your neck.

How we can help you
Every case of neck pain is different and we will always treat you as an individual. As well as assessing your posture and examining your neck and lower back we will ask questions about your lifestyle and fitness in order to come to the correct diagnosis.

Gentle manipulation can often quickly reduce muscular tension in the Neck Painneck and can also improve movement in the joints of your neck and upper back. We can also gently massage the soft tissues or rhythmically rock the joints to release tension. Sometimes we may manipulate the neck itself to move the joints and you can often hear the click as everything moves back into place!

We will take the time to look at your posture and explore ways to help you maintain correct posture in your day to day life. We may also provide ideas for stretches and exercises that will help to keep your neck and upper back muscles and joints relaxed.

We may ask for other tests to help with our diagnosis such as x-rays or scans. If we feel you need additional treatment or further investigations we will always refer you to your GP.