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Knee Pain

What is knee pain?
The knee is one of the most frequently injured joints in the body and, as the largest weight bearing joint, any pain or injury to your knee can cause great difficulty. Injuries to the knee happen for a number of reasons. As you may expect knee pain is often caused by sports injuries, however it can also be caused by repeated strain on a particular area of the knee. Osteoarthritis is also a cause of knee pain – particularly in older patients.

Symptoms of knee pain often include stiffness, aching, swelling and locked knee. You may find that the pain causes you to walk with a limp and find it difficult to fully straighten or bend your knee.

Knee PainHow we can help you
Whilst some serious knee conditions may require surgery osteopaths aim to reduce and prevent knee pain with lifestyle advice, exercise and gentle treatment. We will assess the way that you use your knee joints and look at the alignment of your knee or kneecap as altered join mechanics in relation to other joints such as the hips and knees can often be a significant cause of pain.

We will use gentle manipulation and massage to help reduce any pain and discomfort and we can discuss any lifestyle changes that may benefit you and help to prevent any further knee pain.

We may ask for other tests to help with our diagnosis such as x-rays or scans. If we feel you need additional treatment or further investigations we will always refer you to your GP.