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What are headaches?
Most people have suffered from a headache at some point in their lives. Headaches can range in severity from a short tension headache to chronic migraines. They are very unpleasant and painful for the sufferer and if you find that you are experiencing headaches on a regular basis they can prove disruptive to your work and lifestyle too.

Most headaches are not serious and they can often be helped by simple lifestyle changes. They can be caused by a range of issues including bad posture and strain on the neck or back. Once we have established the cause of your headaches we will begin to work with you to ease your symptoms.

HeadachesHow we can help you
Did you know that headaches can often originate in other areas of your body such as your upper back or neck? Pressure in the tissues of these areas can cause tension and strain on your muscles and nerves. The pain from this is then felt in your head.

An osteopath can look at your upper back and neck muscles and make an assessment of your posture (sitting and standing). We can also look for possible issues in these areas that may be causing your headaches. By gently massaging tight muscles and working to loosen the neck, thorax and back joints we can help relieve the muscle tension that is so often the reason behind painful headaches.

We may advise you on your posture and offer simple exercises that can help you relieve any muscle tension and help your body to work pro-actively to prevent further headaches. We will also look at your lifestyle and together we can discuss any positive changes that you could make to help reduce the pain and occurrence of regular headaches.

We may ask for other tests to help with our diagnosis such as x-rays or scans. If we feel you need additional treatment or further investigations we will always refer you to your GP.