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What we treat

What we treat

At the Three Valleys Osteopathic Clinic we can treat a wide variety of muscular-skeletal and structural conditions. These can range from pains caused by minor sporting injuries, conditions possibly caused by pregnancy or the chronic pain caused by osteoarthritis (as an adjunct to core OA treatments and exercise).

Osteopathy is based on the principle that your general wellbeing is dependent on your body working together as a whole. This means that your bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues all need to be in perfect balance. As osteopathy focuses on the structure of your body it is an ideal treatment for the following conditions:

Who can osteopathy work for?
Osteopathy can work for everyone! Our patients range from children to the very elderly. As osteopaths treat each person as a unique individual we can specifically tailor your treatment to your own levels of fitness, age and condition. Whatever your needs we can work with you to bring your body back into alignment and our gentle techniques are suitable for all.

What does an osteopathic treatment involve?

Each treatment is as individual as you are but most will involve a variety of techniques dependent on your diagnosis. We may use gentle muscle manipulation and tissue massage to help relieve tension in your muscles and to increase the mobility of joints. An osteopath can also use stretching techniques to help ease problems with your joints and muscles.

An osteopath may also look at your posture (sitting and standing) and how that affects your body. We can give you advice on exercises and stretches that you can do at home which may be able to help you.

As we treat the whole person we will ask about your lifestyle and discuss how this may be affecting your condition. We can then advise on any changes that we think may be beneficial to you and help to reduce or prevent further pain.